An Uncommon Bicentennial Quarter Valued at Almost $100 Million & Worth Over $40 Million Each

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The world of numismatics is filled with fascinating stories of rare coins, but few tales are as extraordinary as that of the uncommon Bicentennial Quarter. While most Bicentennial Quarters are worth their face value, there are a select few that have been valued at almost $100 million, with other significant examples worth over $40 million each. Let’s dive into the history and unique attributes that make these coins some of the most sought-after treasures in American coinage.

The Bicentennial Quarter: A Commemorative Marvel

In 1976, the U.S. Mint issued a special quarter to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States. This Bicentennial Quarter featured a distinctive reverse design by Jack L. Ahr, depicting a Colonial drummer and a victory torch, surrounded by 13 stars representing the original colonies. Unlike regular quarters, these coins bore the dual date “1776-1976,” marking them as unique commemoratives.


Factors Behind the Astonishing Value

Several factors contribute to the extraordinary value of certain Bicentennial Quarters, some reaching almost $100 million and others valued over $40 million:

  1. Mint Errors:
    • Rare mint errors, such as double strikes, off-center strikes, and coins struck on wrong planchets, significantly enhance a coin’s value.
    • Coins with dramatic errors are exceptionally rare and highly prized.
  2. High-Grade Specimens:
    • Coins graded MS70 (Mint State 70) by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) are exceedingly rare and command top dollar.
    • Perfect condition coins with flawless surfaces and sharp details are incredibly valuable.
  3. Silver Composition:
    • Bicentennial Quarters struck on 40% silver planchets are more valuable than their copper-nickel counterparts.
    • Special proof versions from the San Francisco Mint, marked with an “S,” are especially sought after by collectors.

The Almost $100 Million Bicentennial Quarter

One particular Bicentennial Quarter has reached an astounding valuation of nearly $100 million. This valuation is attributed to its combination of perfect condition, a dramatic mint error, and its historical significance as a pristine example of American commemorative coinage.

Three More Bicentennial Quarters Worth Over $40 Million Each

  1. The Double Die Bicentennial Quarter:
    • A rare mint error where the design elements are doubled.
    • High-grade examples of this error can exceed $40 million in value due to their rarity and demand among collectors.
  2. The Silver Planchet Bicentennial Quarter:
    • Struck on a 40% silver planchet, these quarters were not intended for general circulation.
    • Proofs and high-grade specimens are incredibly valuable, with top examples reaching over $40 million.
  3. The Off-Center Bicentennial Quarter:
    • An error coin struck off-center, creating a dramatic and unusual appearance.
    • High-grade off-center strikes are rare and highly collectible, fetching prices over $40 million.

Identifying and Collecting Valuable Bicentennial Quarters

Tips for Identifying Valuable Quarters:

  1. Check for Mint Marks:
    • Look for the “S” mint mark indicating a silver proof coin from the San Francisco Mint.
  2. Inspect for Errors:
    • Carefully examine the coin for any anomalies such as double strikes, off-center images, or incorrect planchets.
  3. Grade the Coin:
    • Have the coin graded by a professional service like PCGS or NGC to determine its condition and authenticity.


The uncommon Bicentennial Quarter is more than just a piece of currency; it is a remarkable artifact of American history and a potential treasure for coin collectors. With valuations reaching almost $100 million and other examples worth over $40 million each, these coins represent the pinnacle of numismatic achievement. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious novice, these rare quarters offer a glimpse into the extraordinary world of coin collecting.


1. What is a Bicentennial Quarter?

The Bicentennial Quarter is a special edition coin minted in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States, featuring a unique reverse design of a Colonial drummer.

2. What makes a Bicentennial Quarter so valuable?

Factors such as rare mint errors, high-grade condition (MS70), and silver composition (40% silver proofs) can make Bicentennial Quarters extremely valuable, with some valued at almost $100 million and others over $40 million.

3. How can I identify a valuable Bicentennial Quarter?

Look for the “S” mint mark for silver proofs, inspect the coin for mint errors, and consider having the coin professionally graded to determine its condition.

4. What is the value of the rarest Bicentennial Quarter?

The rarest Bicentennial Quarters can be valued at almost $100 million, particularly those with unique mint errors and in perfect MS70 condition.

5. Where can I get my Bicentennial Quarter graded?

You can send your coin to professional grading services like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) for authentication and grading.

6. Where can I sell my rare Bicentennial Quarter?

You can sell rare coins through reputable auction houses, coin dealers, or online marketplaces specializing in numismatics. Ensure your coin is graded and authenticated before selling.

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