Kelly Osbourne Slams Former ‘Fashion Police’ Costar Giuliana Rancic: ‘As Far as I’m Concerned, She Doesn’t Exist’

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In a recent interview, Kelly Osbourne didn’t hold back when discussing her former “Fashion Police” co-star, Giuliana Rancic.

The two had a tumultuous relationship during their time on the show, and it seems that the wounds haven’t healed.


The Feud

Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic were both part of the popular E! show “Fashion Police,” where they critiqued celebrity fashion choices.

However, their dynamic was far from friendly. Osbourne claims that Rancic made hurtful comments about her weight, leading to a strained working relationship.

Osbourne’s Candid Remarks

During the interview, Osbourne didn’t mince words.

She stated, “As far as I’m concerned, Giuliana doesn’t exist.”

The blunt statement reflects the depth of their feud and suggests that there’s no chance of reconciliation.

Rancic’s Response

Giuliana Rancic has yet to respond publicly to Osbourne’s remarks.

However, given their history, it’s unlikely that she’ll take the high road.

Fans are eagerly awaiting her reaction, but for now, silence prevails.

The Fallout

The fallout from Osbourne’s comments has been swift.

Fans have taken sides, with some supporting Osbourne’s candor and others criticizing her for not letting go of the past.

Social media is abuzz with opinions, memes, and even a few conspiracy theories.


Why did Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic feud?

The feud between Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic began during their time on “Fashion Police.”

Rancic allegedly made hurtful comments about Osbourne’s weight, leading to tension and animosity.

Is there any chance of reconciliation?

Osbourne’s recent statement suggests that there’s no hope for reconciliation.

However, in the unpredictable world of Hollywood, anything is possible.

How did fans react to Osbourne’s remarks?

Fans have taken sides, with some supporting Osbourne’s honesty and others criticizing her for holding onto grudges.

Social media has been buzzing with opinions and memes.

4. What has Giuliana Rancic said about the feud?

Rancic has yet to respond publicly to Osbourne’s comments.

Her silence leaves fans wondering how she’ll react.

5. Will this impact their careers?

Both Osbourne and Rancic have moved on from “Fashion Police,” but the feud could still affect their reputations.

Only time will tell.

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