Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $50 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $600,000

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The realm of coin collecting is a trove of surprises and riches, some of which carry staggering values.

Among these treasures, the Bicentennial Quarter stands out as a cherished gem.


Issued to mark America’s 200th year of independence, these quarters have captured the imagination of collectors.

While the majority hold only nominal worth, a select few command extraordinary prices.

This exploration delves into the captivating domain of these quarters, spotlighting one esteemed at nearly

$50 million and six others valued over $600,000.

The $50 Million Bicentennial Quarter

At the pinnacle of rarity and value rests a Bicentennial Quarter that has astonished collectors with its valuation nearing $50 million.

This singular quarter, distinguished by minting errors and historical significance, is a peerless artifact.

Featuring a double die obverse and a scarce mint mark, it stands as an unparalleled discovery.

The design, commemorating America’s bicentennial, coupled with its scarcity, has propelled its worth, rendering it a coveted possession for any collector.

The Overstruck Error Quarter

Valued at over $600,000, this Bicentennial Quarter is the outcome of a minting mishap where it was overstruck on a 1941 Canadian quarter.

The fusion of two distinct coins, alongside the historical resonance of the bicentennial celebration, renders this quarter a rare find.

Collectors prize such anomalies, as they encapsulate a captivating facet of minting history and errors.

The Off-Center Strike Quarter

Another rarity is the Bicentennial Quarter with an off-center strike, valued at over $600,000.

This anomaly arose during the minting process, resulting in a conspicuously off-center design.

Such errors are scarce and highly sought after by collectors, embodying a unique aspect of the minting process.

The off-center strike, paired with the quarter’s bicentennial motif, elevates its worth as a prized and scarce piece.

The Double Die Reverse Quarter

Valued at over $600,000, this Bicentennial Quarter is renowned for its double die reverse error.

This anomaly, where elements on the reverse side of the coin are duplicated, produces a visually striking and rare specimen.

Double die errors are esteemed within the numismatic community for their rarity and the distinct visual allure they offer.

The Missing Clad Layer Quarter

Another rarity valued at over $600,000 is the Bicentennial Quarter lacking its clad layer, revealing the copper core beneath.

This error occurred during production when the nickel-clad layer was omitted, exposing the copper base.

This distinctive revelation of the coin’s composition adds a unique dimension to its history and value.

The Full Brockage Quarter

Valued at over $600,000, the full brockage Bicentennial Quarter results from a minting error where the coin was struck against another coin instead of the die.

This yields a mirrored imprint of the design on one side, presenting a rare and intriguing find.

Brockage errors are prized for their rarity and the narrative they convey about the minting process.

The Proof Error Quarter

Even a proof Bicentennial Quarter with significant errors can command over $600,000.

Proof coins, crafted with meticulous attention for collectors, rarely exhibit flaws.

A proof error on a Bicentennial Quarter, such as an incorrect metal composition or a substantial misstrike, amplifies its rarity and worth.


The Bicentennial Quarter series, with its rich heritage and distinctive designs, offers a captivating window into the realm of rare coins.

While most hold mere face value, the exceptional errors and irregularities in this series have propelled some quarters to astronomical prices.

These rare quarters transcend currency; they embody pieces of history, each with a singular tale, rendering them priceless to collectors and history aficionados alike.

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