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2: Rare error coins like the 1955 "Double Die" nickel can fetch hundreds of dollars - check your change!

3: Keep an eye out for the elusive 2004 Peace Medal nickel, worth up to $5,000 if you find one.

4: The 1942-1945 "War Nickels" contain silver and are valued above face, look for these in your spare change.

5: Error nickels like the 1964 "Partial Collar" can sell for $700 or more, watch for unique minting mistakes.

6: Don't overlook the valuable 1939 "D" nickel, a rare find that could be worth thousands of dollars.

7: Search for the valuable 1943 "P" over "D" nickel, a unique error coin with a high collector demand.

8: The 1912 "V" nickel is a rare gem with a value of $3,500 or more, keep an eye out for this beauty.

9: Start checking your change today for these 7 ordinary nickels with extraordinary value - you never know what you may find!