1: Angel Hernandez, a controversial MLB umpire, calls his final game after 30 years of scrutiny.

2: Hernandez's career marked by missed calls and public criticism comes to an end.

3: Fans and players react to Hernandez's retirement, reflecting on his impact on the game.

4: Umpiring controversies over the years have shaped Hernandez's legacy in baseball.

5: Hernandez's decision to retire brings an end to a chapter of umpiring turmoil.

6: The debate surrounding Hernandez's calls highlights the challenges of officiating in sports.

7: Despite the controversies, Hernandez's dedication to the game is undeniable.

8: Hernandez's departure leaves a void in the world of MLB umpiring.

9: As Hernandez's last game approaches, baseball fans prepare to say goodbye to a polarizing figure.