1: Angel Hernandez Steps Down After 30 years in MLB, controversial umpire Angel Hernandez announces retirement.

2: Hernandez's Legacy Critics and supporters debate Hernandez's impact on the game of baseball.

3: Controversial Calls Revisiting some of the most controversial calls made by Hernandez during his career.

4: Umpiring Technology The rise of advanced technology aims to reduce human error in baseball officiating.

5: Players' Reactions Current and former players share their thoughts on Hernandez's retirement.

6: Diversity in Umpiring Hernandez's retirement highlights the need for more diversity in MLB umpiring.

7: The Future of Officiating What Hernandez's retirement means for the future of umpiring in Major League Baseball.

8: Memorable Moments Recalling some of the memorable moments involving Angel Hernandez during his career.

9: Looking Ahead With Hernandez stepping down, MLB looks towards a new era in officiating and the game itself.