1: Title: Angel Hernandez's Retirement Text: After a controversial career, Angel Hernandez has decided to retire from MLB umpiring.

2: Title: A Polarizing Figure Text: Known for his inconsistent calls, Hernandez has been a lightning rod for criticism.

3: Title: Legacy and Impact Text: Despite the controversy, Hernandez leaves a lasting impact on the game of baseball.

4: Title: Farewell to a Career Text: Fans and players alike will remember Hernandez's time on the field.

5: Title: Moving Forward Text: With Hernandez's departure, MLB umpiring will enter a new era.

6: Title: A New Chapter Text: The end of Hernandez's career marks a turning point for umpires in the league.

7: Title: Reflecting on the Past Text: Hernandez's retirement prompts a moment of reflection on his tenure in MLB.

8: Title: The Future of Umpiring Text: As Hernandez exits, the league looks to the future of officiating in baseball.

9: Title: The End of an Era Text: Angel Hernandez's retirement signals the end of an era in MLB umpiring.