1: "Blue Bloods Season 14 marks an end to the iconic show's run. Tom Selleck bids farewell as CBS releases statement."

2: "Fans saddened by the news of Blue Bloods ending after 14 seasons. Tom Selleck's legacy lives on."

3: "CBS acknowledges the impact of Blue Bloods on viewers. Tom Selleck's role leaves a lasting impression."

4: "Tom Selleck reflects on the journey of Blue Bloods as it concludes on season 14. CBS stands by the decision."

5: "Blue Bloods finale brings closure to fans. Tom Selleck's performance celebrated by CBS in statement."

6: "CBS addresses the end of Blue Bloods after 14 successful seasons. Tom Selleck's legacy remembered fondly."

7: "Tom Selleck's portrayal in Blue Bloods Season 14 leaves lasting impact. CBS expresses gratitude for the show's success."

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9: "Blue Bloods Season 14 wraps up, leaving a mark on viewers. Tom Selleck's role in the show praised by CBS."