1: Angel Hernandez, a controversial MLB umpire, has officially retired after decades of scrutiny.

2: Hernandez's career has been marred by numerous high-profile mistakes and disputes with players and coaches.

3: Despite the scandals, Hernandez's departure marks the end of an era in baseball officiating.

4: His legacy will be remembered for the controversies as well as his impact on the game.

5: Hernandez's retirement opens the door for a new generation of umpires to step up and make their mark.

6: His journey from scandals to retirement highlights the challenges and rewards of umpiring in the big leagues.

7: As one chapter closes, another begins for MLB umpiring with Hernandez's departure.

8: The game-changers in umpiring will continue to shape the future of baseball officiating.

9: While Hernandez's career ends, his impact on the game will be felt for years to come.