1: MLB legend Angel Hernandez retires after 30 years as umpire, leaving behind a legacy of determination and passion for the game.

2: Hernandez's career spanned three decades, making him one of the longest-serving umpires in MLB history.

3: Known for his controversial calls, Hernandez's presence on the field will be greatly missed by players and fans alike.

4: Despite the criticism he often faced, Hernandez remained dedicated to his craft and the sport he loved.

5: His retirement marks the end of an era in MLB umpiring, with Hernandez leaving big shoes to fill for his successors.

6: As he closes this chapter of his life, Hernandez looks back on a career filled with unforgettable moments and lasting memories.

7: His impact on the game will not be forgotten, as Hernandez's influence extends far beyond the calls he made on the field.

8: MLB bids farewell to Angel Hernandez, a true icon in the world of baseball umpiring, and wishes him all the best in his retirement.

9: Thank you, Angel Hernandez, for your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to the game of baseball. You will be missed.