1: Discover the origins of the rare Bicentennial Quarter, minted in celebration of America's 200th birthday.

2: In 1975-1976, the Bicentennial Quarter was part of a special set, featuring patriotic designs.

3: The dual-dated quarter showcases a drummer boy on one side and the Liberty Bell on the other.

4: Learn about the shift from silver to copper-nickel composition in the Bicentennial Quarter.

5: Some versions of the Bicentennial Quarter have a mintmark, indicating where they were produced.

6: Did you know that the Bicentennial Quarter was designed by Jack L. Ahr?

7: Collectors value the Bicentennial Quarter for its historical significance and unique design.

8: Explore the various errors and anomalies that can be found on Bicentennial Quarters.

9: Add a piece of American history to your collection with a rare Bicentennial Quarter today!