1: Umpire Angel Hernandez Retires MLB's Angel Hernandez announces retirement, sparking discussion over future of officiating.

2: Years of Controversy Hernandez's career marked by controversial calls and disputes with players and managers.

3: Calls for Change MLB fans and experts call for improvements to officiating, citing Hernandez's inconsistent performance.

4: Technology's Impact Advancements like replay and automated strike zones prompt debates on umpiring's future.

5: Diversity in Officiating Focus shifts to increasing diversity among umpires to better reflect the game's demographics.

6: Training and Development Investment in training and development key to improving officiating standards moving forward.

7: Fan Engagement Transparency and communication with fans crucial for restoring trust in MLB officiating.

8: Industry Reactions Reactions from players, coaches, and officials signal potential changes to come post-Hernandez.

9: The Future of Officiating Uncertain of Hernandez's legacy, MLB looks ahead to a new era of officiating reform and progress.