1: Discover the hidden treasures in your pocket. Learn about 7 valuable nickels that could make you rich!

2: First up, the 1913 Liberty Head nickel. Extremely rare and worth millions, could you be holding one?

3: Keep an eye out for the 1943-S Jefferson nickel. This error coin can fetch up to $40,000!

4: The 1936 Dot nickel is another valuable find. Only 5 known to exist, making it a collector's dream.

5: Don't overlook the 1868 Shield nickel. With only a few hundred left, it's a valuable piece for any collection.

6: The 1912-S Liberty Head nickel is a must-have for collectors. Worth over $10,000, it's a rare gem.

7: Uncover the 1950-D Jefferson nickel. With a mintage of only 2.6 million, it's a valuable addition to your collection.

8: The 1926-S Buffalo nickel is a prized possession. Rare and valuable, it's a key date for any collector.

9: In conclusion, keep an eye out for these valuable nickels in your change. You might just be sitting on a goldmine!