3 Ultra Rare Penny Coins Worth a Lot of Money

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Pennies, those seemingly insignificant coins often overlooked in everyday transactions, can hold extraordinary value in the world of numismatics.

While most pennies are worth just one cent, there exist a select few that are considered ultra-rare and can fetch exorbitant prices in the collector’s market.


In this article, we will explore three such penny coins that have captured the fascination of collectors worldwide, each boasting unique characteristics and historical significance.

The 1943 Copper Penny:

    Among the most coveted penny coins is the 1943 Copper Penny.

    In 1943, due to the shortage of copper during World War II, the United States Mint switched to producing pennies made of zinc-coated steel.

    However, a small number of copper planchets intended for 1942 pennies were mistakenly struck with the 1943 design.

    It is estimated that only a few of these copper pennies were ever minted, making them exceptionally rare.

    Despite efforts by the Mint to retrieve and destroy these error coins, some managed to escape into circulation.

    Today, the 1943 Copper Penny is a holy grail for penny collectors, with individual coins fetching prices well into the six figures at auction.

    The allure of owning one of these elusive coins lies not only in their scarcity but also in their historical

    significance, serving as a tangible reminder of the wartime economy and the ingenuity of collectors who preserved these rare relics.

    The 1909-S VDB Penny:

      Another penny coin highly sought after by collectors is the 1909-S VDB Penny.

      In 1909, the Lincoln Cent was introduced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

      Designed by sculptor Victor David Brenner, the initial coins bore his initials “VDB” on the reverse, at the bottom of the coin.

      However, due to public outcry over the prominence of the designer’s initials, the Mint quickly removed them from subsequent productions.

      The 1909-S VDB Penny refers to those struck at the San Francisco Mint with Brenner’s initials intact.

      While over a million of these pennies were minted, their status as a one-year-only issue, combined with the limited number bearing the designer’s initials, makes them highly desirable among collectors.

      Today, the 1909-S VDB Penny commands significant premiums, especially in well-preserved condition, with some specimens fetching tens of thousands of dollars at auction.

      The 1955 Doubled Die Penny:

        Rounding out our list of ultra-rare penny coins is the 1955 Doubled Die Penny.

        In 1955, a die clash at the Philadelphia Mint resulted in a striking error where the obverse design of the penny was doubled, creating a distinctive doubling effect on the date and lettering.

        This error was quickly noticed by collectors and caused quite a stir in the numismatic community.

        The 1955 Doubled Die Penny is notable for its prominent doubling, particularly evident in the inscription “LIBERTY” and the date “1955.”

        While thousands of these error coins were minted, most were quickly withdrawn from circulation by astute collectors and enthusiasts.

        Today, the 1955 Doubled Die Penny is a prized addition to any collection, with specimens in mint condition commanding prices upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.


        In conclusion, while pennies may seem inconsequential in everyday transactions, certain specimens possess immense value in the world of coin collecting.

        The 1943 Copper Penny, 1909-S VDB Penny, and 1955 Doubled Die Penny stand out as prime examples of ultra-rare penny coins coveted by collectors worldwide.

        Whether it’s their scarcity, historical significance, or striking errors, these penny coins continue to captivate

        the imagination of numismatists and serve as tangible artifacts of American history and coinage.

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