5 Coins That Commemorate sporting Legends

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The realm of sports boasts a plethora of legends whose feats have surpassed the confines of their respective arenas, serving as beacons of inspiration for millions and etching enduring legacies.

To pay homage to these icons, numerous mints worldwide have minted commemorative coins, immortalizing their accomplishments in metal.


Beyond their monetary value, these coins hold a special place in the hearts of both numismatists and sports aficionados, encapsulating stories that resonate through time.

Michael Jordan Silver Coin

Crafted by the Perth Mint of Australia, the Michael Jordan Silver Coin pays tribute to one of basketball’s most eminent figures.

Struck in pure silver, it portrays Jordan mid-air, poised for one of his iconic slam dunks, against a backdrop of career highlights.

Engraved with his famous quote, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.

But I can’t accept not trying,” the coin embodies not only Jordan’s athletic prowess but also his ethos of resilience and determination.

Pele Commemorative

Coin by Brazil Mint In celebration of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil’s Mint issued a series of coins honoring Pelé, football’s illustrious king.

Among them, a gold coin stands out, featuring Pelé in his legendary bicycle kick pose, with the reverse side adorned with a stylized football, symbolizing the sport’s universal appeal.

This coin pays homage not only to Pelé’s extraordinary talent but also to his role in globalizing football.

Sir Donald Bradman Cricket Coin

The Royal Australian Mint minted a coin in honor of Sir Donald Bradman, revered as cricket’s greatest luminary.

Struck in fine silver, it portrays Bradman in cricketing attire against the backdrop of a stadium, meticulously capturing the nuances of his gear and demeanor.

This coin pays tribute to Bradman’s unparalleled batting average and his exemplary sportsmanship both on and off the pitch.

Jackie Robinson Gold Coin

In recognition of Jackie Robinson’s groundbreaking role in breaking Major League Baseball’s color barrier, the United States Mint issued a gold coin.

Featuring Robinson in the act of stealing home, it symbolizes his astute and daring base running, with the reverse side bearing the Jackie Robinson Foundation logo.

This coin celebrates not only Robinson’s athletic prowess but also his courageous stance against racial segregation, cementing his status as an American hero.

Serena Williams Wimbledon Coin

The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom commemorated Serena Williams’ triumphs at Wimbledon with a sterling silver coin.

Capturing Williams in a commanding serve, it exudes the intensity and focus that define her career, while

the reverse side features the Wimbledon logo, underscoring her dominance at the prestigious tournament.

This coin pays tribute to Williams’ unparalleled success in women’s tennis and her role as an inspiration to future generations.


Commemorative coins serve as tangible embodiments of the legends they honor, encapsulating their narratives and triumphs in enduring form.

The coins dedicated to Michael Jordan, Pelé, Sir Donald Bradman, Jackie Robinson, and Serena Williams transcend mere metal, embodying principles of excellence, perseverance, and inspiration.

They serve as reminders of these athletes’ profound impact, not only within their sports but also in shaping societal values and inspiring individuals worldwide.

Collecting these coins is more than acquiring historical artifacts; it is about preserving the legacies of these sporting icons for generations to come.

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